Monday, September 26, 2011

A Day on the Road

To Manhattan with Dad today.
Traffic was sketchy in the morning, but we made it in plenty of time and were called in to seethe doctor ahead of our appointment time.
The cycle of liver pump infusions is over for now - he was able to complete 3 of the 6. One more systemic chemo, and he will be officially "OFF" chemo for the first time since his diagnosis four and a half years ago. Dad was very excited about a break. He admitted today that he is really feel worn down lately, and the years of chemo have had a cummulative effect. He's looking forward to his hair growing back a bit, time to golf, and maybe even a getaway with Mom. I'm so happy for him.
Still, there is a quiet worry in my brain that maybe no chemo is a bad thing. After all, he's still here, beating the odds.
I decide to bury that worry and choose to embrace this moment of victory.
After all, happiness is a choice. Why not see the glass half full more often?

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