Sunday, September 25, 2011

Letter to my Kids (Soundcheck #1)

Dear Kids,

Tap, tap, tap- is this thing on???
Some days I feel like I'm the person on a stage who is trying to get the crowd's attention, but my mike is cutting out and squealing.

When it feels like I'm crabbing at you, there's probably a lesson or value I hope you'll learn. Little things that will improve your life in the real world, when you venture away from home.

Tonight's lesson...

While I know you heard, "Blah, blah, this is why you should put your belt/shoes/papers/laundry away...yadda yadda, more mom mumbo-jumbo...", here is what I meant:

Being considerate, organized, and following routines are all things that are important to me.

It minimizes your stress and mine.
It shows the world you are capable and responsible,(this can open many doors for you!)
It shows you respect other people's time.

Just like you like to have time to chill out or play when you get home, so do I.

I don't like searching through your messy room to find socks to wash.
Spending an hour on my night off looking for missing belts and shoes isn't my idea of fun.
Telling you three times to just step away from the TV and video controllers gets old.

I know that you just want to kill one more zombie.
Or that this is the newest episode of Spongebob.

I'm so thankful to have you all in my lives. I prefer spending my time home with you doing things that are fun, such as, playing games, talking, and being silly.

Please try a little harder.
Thanks, Love Mom.

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