About Me

A mom to five: Four boys, one girl. Age ranges 6-14. Learning how to parent teenagers. Trying to act nonchalant when eyes are rolled at me and feeling giddy when the little ones run up and hug me.  I truly believe motherhood is a calling. Doing little things to make my home one that feels safe and welcoming

Spoiled wife: Married for almost 16 years to the perfect man for me. He's handsome and he cooks, cleans and is my right arm. He gets me and adores me, flaws and all.

Nurse: I work full time at a large inner city hospital. I work night shift on a maternity ward / newborn nursery. I love babies and helping women transition into a mother role. It can be challenging at times, but time well spent. I've always been a night owl, so being up isn't difficult for me. I do like my coffee though!

Scrapbooker:  I began scrapping after attending a Creative Memories party. I just loved the idea of telling the story of my memories and why certain photos were special to me. It soon blossomed into a full blown NEED to create and express myself. My past time now occupies the corner of a room and most of my free moments. I surf blogs, cyber window shop and edit photos whenever I have a moment on the computer. I like designs with clean lines and lots of details, layers and textures. I enjoy mixing old and new products to create my projects.

Doggie Mama to one huge Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Harley. He loves it when we take long walks and play tug of war.  I love to listen to him snore in his doggie bed in my room.

Foodie: Married to a graduate of the Culinary Institue of America. I used to be afraid to cook for him, but now I brag about what I make better: (Meatloaf, mac and cheese, London Broil). He has taught me much. I'm always on the lookout for new recipes that appeal to adult tastes but are kid friendly too. It's tricky trying to find foods that all seven of us will eat...

Part Time Vegetarian: I eat veggie burgers or hummus almost every day. I adore avocado and tomatoes. I'm trying to slowly sneak more fruits and veggies into my family's meals.

Organized Wannabe: I am in the midst of a total home overhaul. I am decluttering and organizing my home top to bottom. Trying to find a place for everything and pitching the stuff that doesn't fit in anymore.
A packrat at heart.

Pinterest Junkie: This website has changed my life. It has helped me define my style and inspired me to improve my surroundings. You must check it out!

chocolate lover: Seriously - I want it every day. I usually have a few squares of dark chocolate each day to get my fix. Ice cream, cookies and brownies will do in a pinch, LOL.

collector of patterned paper: Seriously, I have a problem. Let's leave it at that.

Trying to lose 15 more pounds: I've taken off 20. Would like to lose a bit more, but feel really great about where I'm at right now. I'm okay with never being a size 6 again.  I'm trying to add in some exercise to improve my health.

i Phone addict: Was there life before my iPhone? My favorite apps are Words With Friends and Facebook.

The only television show I watch with any committment is Saturday Night Live. I  record the episodes to watch with Mike. Love when we chill on the couch and giggle together.