Friday, March 30, 2012

Blog Mission Statement

I've started at least a dozen different blog posts the past few months.
I'd felt silly, since I doubt anyone ever reads my sparse posts. So I saved them as drafts.
Which got me questioning my motives for blogging?
It was once a venue for me to share my projects with the internet scrapbooking community. When I took a scrapbooking hiatus though, blogging became awkward.
But I do like going back and reading through my past posts. It is much like flipping through the pages of a scrapbook.
So now, my plan is simply to journal my days.
This is a place to periodically deposit a variety of my thoughts and disoveries.
I hope that if anyone reads my blog, they will walk away feeling entertained, or inspired to try something new, whether it be in the kitchen or the scraproom.
I am simply going to let my light shine, be myself, and share the lessons I'm learning along the way. Stay tuned.